Human Values

Hospital School CHI at Temple Street has incorporated an international model of Education in Human Values (EHV) into its School Plan. The EHV model of values education focuses on the five universal values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Action and Non-Violence. There are numerous sub-values relating to each of the five main values.

The simple process of placing a deliberate focus on these human values with children proves to significantly boost their self-esteem and positive behaviour; along with having many positive effects on their social, personal and emotional lives.

Each month, we focus on a Human Value to explore, research and create texts around. We intertwine the values alongside our other Curriculum Thematic Planning, so that the Values become integral to all that we do. We do this through five main activities:

  1. Pupils reflect and think about what a specific value means to them.
  2. Pupils find a quotation and symbol that describes this value.
  3. Pupils design a poster on this value.
  4. Pupils listen to a piece of music or a song of their choice that best describes this value.
  5. Pupils write or tell a story about this value.

This Month’s Value is ‘Truth’, with

subvalues of ‘Being Yourself ‘ and ‘Creativity’